Alabaster is a short story and comic series written by Caitlín R. Kiernan. Its protagonist is Dancy Flammarion, a southern albino girl with a guardian angel. One with three shrieking heads and a flaming sword. She is unwittingly drawn to monsters that she is compelled to destroy.


While waiting for a bus in Alabaster: Wolves Dancy has her thoughts interrupted by a barefoot girl. Maisie then challenges Dancy to a battle of wits, with the name of Dancy's angel as the reward for winning. Throughout the contest Maisie progessively transforms into a werewolf, but this doesn't keep her from winning the contest. Dancy's angel abandons her after its name becomes known, leaving Maisie to believe Dancy will be easy prey. Dancy is not helpless however, and manages to slit Maisie's throat with a knife, killing her.

Maisie makes a repeat appearance in issue #2, pulling Dancy from a church full of demons that Dancy had just succeeded at burning down. Now a ghost, she had decided to stick around Dancy and threatens to reveal her to the remaining wolves if she objects.

While Maisie and Dancy are getting to know each other Maisie recalls the night the undead werewolves swept through town, and how her own mother turned her. After Dancy destroys the werewolf leader, and his cursed tome, Maisie is surprisingly still around, and she decides to keep haunting Dancy.


In Alabaster: Wolves #3 Dancy recounts an earlier incident where she found a small market selling tickets to see a live panther. When she snuck into the back she found, instead, a naked woman in a cage. After Dancy refuses to free her, she transforms into a cougar, summoning the store owner. As it turns out the owner had used black magic to curse the woman because she tried to divorce him. Dancy feeds the owner to the woman, then burns down the shop to kill the demon she had become.