2015-03-02 00002

Amazing Princess Sarah is a videogame designed by Haruneko Entertainment. The Princess and King are enjoying another day of being royalty when the King is suddenly abducted by the vampire Lillith. Thus begins Princess Sarah's quest through eight stages to reclaim the stolen King.

Standing in Sarah's path are dozens of mindless monsters, including busty fire elementals and hovering demonettes. All monsters can be defeated and then thrown to make for powerful projectile weapons; fire elementals explode into waves of fire when thrown, while demonettes kill all onscreen enemies. Levels end with far more powerful abstract boss monsters, like the leggy first boss or Lillith's true form of a toothy floating torso. Completing the game unlocks NG+ modes with a new abilities for Sarah, like a Bat Sarah with a double jump or Vampire Sarah who heals from defeating enemies.