Castlevania circle of the moon art 3

Carmilla concept (Circle of the Moon)

Carmilla is a vampire servant of Dracula and has put in several apperances over the history of the Castlevania franchise. Her first "appearance" is only that of her mask, which serves as the guardian of a mansion in Simon's Quest. She later appears in Rondo of Blood and reveals her true form, riding atop a giant skull, after the mask cracks. In this appearance she is accompanied by her probable lover Laura, and even rises out of Laura's shadow in the remake Dracula X Chronicles. She takes the resurrection of Dracula into her own hands in Circle of the Moon, and is one of the individuals transported to the end of time in Judgement.

Carmilla is based on the titular lesbian vampire of Sheridan Le Fanu's novella Carmilla, right down to both vampires hiding their identity with a mask.


In her first two appearances Carmilla's attacks are limited to crying bloody tears, although these tears gain an explosive attribute in Rondo of Blood. In the SNES remake of Rondo her abilities are greatly enhanced, and she can launch fire, energy, and electricity from her skull's floating eyeballs. She retains the ability to attack with energy balls and lighting in Circle of the Moon, and also makes use of her new wings by throwing blades of wind. Her fighting style is a bit more personal in Judgement, as she attacks with acrobatic kicks, a retracting blade on a tether, and finishes opponents with an iron maiden. In Lords of Shadow Carmilla will first summon lesser vampire thrawls to distract Gabriel Belmont while she rains down lighting on him. She later transforms into a monstrous vampiric form.