Dungeon Hunter is a videogame created by Gameloft. When the queen passed away, the good king searched for a way to revive her. Unfortunately what he brought back was an evil soul, and she slew him in order to take over the world. Twenty five years later the king was revived by fairy magic, and set out to put the queen back to rest before the same madness would claim him.

The Dark FairyEdit

When the queen was revived her soul was replaced with that of the Dark Fairy. Made flesh in the world of the living, the Dark Fairy then set out to merge the worlds of the living and the faries.

When the king first fights her she still retains the form of the dead queen. In this form she teleports around the arena while firing magic spells of several elements. After being defeated for the first time she becomes her Dark Fairy form, gaining wings and several feet of height. In this form she will summon lightning and freezing clouds.

Seba the Man-EaterEdit

Seba is a half-woman half-spider optional boss found on South Road. During the fight she will fire poison projectiles as well as webbing that will slow the king down. Several times she will retreat and summon a horde of spiders to fight for her.