Lucy goes to town on a drug lab

Full Eclipse is a movie produced by HBO. Detective Max Dire falls into a depression after his reckless actions put his partner in the hospital. He falls even farther after his partner recovers completely, begins acting recklessly, and then commits suicide.

Detective Garou is there to catch him, and recruit him into a special therepy group. The group, it turns out, is actually a vigilante team organized to cut a bloody path through a drug dealer syndicate that the police can't touch. They can become invulnerable, and grow wolverine claws, after dosing up with a drug that makes them partially into monsters.

Max distrusts them, but is recruited after pack member Lucy shoots him and then doses him to heal back up. After a bit more digging, however, Max finds his suspicions were not without cause. Garou had been alive nearly a hundred years, and his attacks always ended on a full eclipse with only himself surviving. When Max confronts Garou he is attacked himself and only survives by leaping from Garou's penthouse window.

Max later tracks down Garou after he and his remaining team tear apart the last of the drug cartel during the eclipse. Garou is momentarily immortal from the power of the eclipse, and transforms into a massive bear-sized beast. max flees, and then, as the eclipse ends, doses Garou with silver nitrate. Three years later Max is shown living with his wife again, and now the both of them have apperantly become werewolves, waitin for the next eclipse.

There are two female members of the pack, Liza and Lucy. Liza does little besides stand in the background. Lucy, on the other hand, falls very hard for Max. Literally, after they jump from Garou's apartment to escape him. Lucy had been trying to get clean from garou's werewolf drug, and if mortally wounded from the damage. Liza is killed by Garou when he wolfs out during the full moon.